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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Armed Man Killed During Struggle With Police

A life and death struggle is how the acting police chief describes the fight with a mentally ill man before a Cincinnati Police Officer shot and killed Roger Ramundo.
The first call for help came from the doctor's office that treats the 32-year-old man.

His mother called the doctor to say Ramundo refused to go to his appointment and left with a gun.
Deborah Dixon tells us what police say led up to the deadly shooting. 
From the 911 call, police knew Ramundo had a gun, was not taking medication for his mental illness and that he threatened his mother.

"Very belligerent, threatening not to go to doctor's appointment, he threatened mother, if called cops... a bloodbath."

The 911 call came from Roger Ramundo's doctor's office.  Ramundo's mother called to say her son might be walking from their home on Thrall Street to Arlin's Bar on Ludlow. That's where officers found him, on the deck. Three of the five officers who responded have mental health training. Then there were two officers who knew him from the neighborhood.  They tried to talk to him.

Acting Police Chief Paul Humphries:
"Officer Gable had dealings that were positive, started to engage in brief conversation, with that violent struggle starts."

Humphries calls the struggle a life and death fight.  With Officer Bryan Gable trying to control Ramundo's arm with the gun in it, Ramundo is tased and falls down. Now, there are officers on his back.

But he's still fighting during this part of the struggle, an officer is accidentally tased.

"Bryan Gable sees the gun come up, Bryan is in line of fire as bringing gun up trying to move Ramundo fires a shot this is life and death situation."

Humphries says officers tried everything, from talking, to tasers, to wrestling to avoid deadly force.

"While Gable gets out of line of fire he did what he needed to do to save lives."

Whatever was going through Ramundo's mind when he talked about a bloodbath, he had the equipment with him to pull it off.

This is the gun he carried with two clips, he also had a tactical flashlight, a knife and a tear gas canister with him called "Clear Out," to clear out a room ... or a crowd.

Roger Ramundo was well known in the Clifton neighborhood and frequently ate at Arlin's.



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