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One Dog Killed, Two Others Shot During Attack

Neighbors say about eight weeks ago, the three pit bulls began roaming their adjoining property off Jordan road in Cleves.

They would show up when the couple either left their home or returned and tried to get from their car through the front door.

They say they called the SPCA and Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies a number of times before everything reached a boiling point last Tuesday afternoon.

Tom Lind says his neighbors pit bulls make life in his house: "A living hell, I've called the police four times, the SPCA twice, I'd come out and we couldn't even get to our car."

Lind says last Tuesday he and his girlfriend called the sheriff's office for help when one of the neighbor's pit bulls went after her as she got out of the car.

When the deputy arrived: "He gets about where the grass is and they come after him. He comes up this way and he's got his gun drawn and they're just coming right at him. He's yelling at them, screaming, hollering, they're not backing off at all. He says you get back into the house I'm going to my cruiser I'm calling the SPCA and I'll give you a call and let you know what's going on."

The three pit bulls, Hoss, Lucy and Clutch lived next door. The deputy said he didn't want to shoot the dogs.

But when an SPCA officer arrived on the scene, the dogs he called "highly aggressive" trapped him in his own vehicle.

The Ochs family owns the animals.

His grandfather Gail tried to gain control of the dogs. "He tried to throw a stick so the dogs would follow that and get away from everybody. They attack the stick. Turn loose the stick and then immediately went after him," says Tom Lind.

"They were relentless on the grandfather"

Mike Reynolds was also there. He says. "I was walking over towards the dog and then they started shooting. It was rapid fire...bang, bang, bang, bang, bang...they didn't shoot once or twice to see if the dogs would disperse, they was just trying to kill the dogs on the spot."

The deputy and SPCA officer shot six times. One dog, Hoss, died on the scene. A bullet went through Lucy's face and lodged in her chest. The third one Clutch had his leg amputated.

Gail Ochs says the dogs clearly had him. "Wasn't there a point where you were really cornered by those dogs? weren't you afraid of what was happening? I asked.

"Yeah" Ochs replied.

The Ochs family started a Facebook page in the dogs' names -- apparently in an effort to raise money to cover medical expenses. The owner of the home where the dogs live has been cited for failure to maintain control over the animals.

Rich Jaffe, Local 12 News.





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