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Thieves Hit Same Home Twice

The growing heroin problem in our area means no neighborhood is safe from crime, but imagine if it was your home that got hit by thieves not once, but twice this week!

That's exactly what happened to a woman in West Price Hill. The first break-in happened Monday night and the second last night. And she's not going to give the thieves another chance.

The area we're talking about is just a couple of blocks away from here behind Elder High School. The lady we're talking about lives in a duplex. 68 years old she's still working 10 hours a day. Monday after work she came home to a nightmare and this morning it got worse. After a long day at work Monday, this was the scene that greeted the woman who lives here.

Bedroom and drawers ransacked, the laptop on which she keeps all her financial information gone, along with the earrings her sons gave her. Concerned for her safety we agreed not to identify the victim."Every Friday I wear my marine earrings and I wear red to support our troops. Also Marine earrings are important to me because I lost a great nephew in Afghanistan who was a Marine. Very important to me. I don't have my Marine earrings I don't have my Navy earrings."

The thief or thieves broke into the downstairs apartment through a window. After ransacking that apartment, even stealing a set of wedding rings, they went up a back stairway, kicking in the door to the upstairs apartment.  Today, it got worse.

"This morning, dressed for work, ready to go to work. Went down to water plants, my car wasn't in the driveway. Freaked me out and I'm going where's my car. Then it dawned on me, oh my god."

On Monday the thieves apparently stole the key to her 2012 Honda Insight. It even had a full tank of gas. They came back and got it early this morning. Family members are outraged.

"What's wrong with society today that these knuckleheads think that they can just go and thieve and take what people work hard for all their lives for people are trying to bring this  neighborhood back to have knuckleheads like this try to take it down. This neighborhood needs to get back together and they need to fight," says son of the victim, Donald Newman.

Now there's something new here, wireless security cameras. "You can pull up and watch the video cameras they're also audio, theyre also infra-red for night vision."

The Captain who runs District Three, Russ Neville, tells me break-ins in general around here over the last few years are actually down a bit, although there's been a recent spike. His officers are working hard to bring that to an end. He also points out that many crimes this one included, are frequently crimes of opportunity. The bad guys got into that home because the people on the first floor left one of the front windows open when they left for the day.

The license number for the Honda Insight is FQP 6241. If you recognize it call crime stoppers at 352-3040.

There's also a new social media site in this area "". It can help you alert neighbors to events like these break-ins.

For more information about that you can go to Local 12 dot com and hit the get it button for a link.




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