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Santa Cop Goes on Patrol in Norwood

NORWOOD, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) -- In Norwood, Ohio Wednesday, one of the men in blue became the man in red.

Officer Jeff Barger is in his 13th year on the force but is in his first day as Santa Cop:

A Norwood native said, "It's awesome.  It's very nice.  I've been here my entire life and I've never seen anything like this in Norwood!"

No, Santa with a badge, a gun, and a taser is not exactly normal.  But Barger's goal was not to chase bad guys while shaking like a bowl of jelly, as the poem goes.  (Although he would have if necessary, with backup)  Rather this Santa on patrol did what Santa is supposed to do, bring happiness to children.

He said, "I have three children at home, ages 2,4, and 7.  I had to come in to work today so I didn't get to see the joy in their faces when they opened their gifts.  So I've been able to come in a Santa suit and interact with children.  I have little goodies, candy canes, coloring books, so at least I can see the joy on some children's faces even if it's not my own."

Santa Cop kept an eye out for cars with kids even if the driver was not doing anything wrong.  He'd pull them over to spread a little holiday cheer.

"Well we saw Santa Claus sitting in his cop car so we turned back around to see what was going on and I was like, 'He's not seriously going to give me a ticket, is he?'  But then we realized that I think he was just playing the Santa role."

I mean face it, who's a better cop than Santa?  He sees you when you're sleeping.  He knows when you're awake.  He knows if you've been bad or good.  I mean, that's the best cop on earth.

And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, "Don't you dare run a stop sign in Norwood tonight!"




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