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Top 10 Local Stories of 2013

CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- Before 2013 fades too far into the rear view mirror, I'm going to give you my personal top ten stories for last year.

I'm sure I forgot something that happened back in March, but here we go:

10. The death of William Mallory Sr.  The term "political dynasty" is over-used, but not in this case.

9. State Senator Eric Kearney drops off the Democratic ticket for Lieutenant Governor because of tax problems and Hamilton County Commissioner, Todd Portune, says he's going to try for Governor.

8. Cincinnati gets a new police chief as James Craig heads off to Detroit and Jeffrey Blackwell comes down here from Columbus.

7. Teacher sex scandals.  Seems like there was one every day.

6. The Mark Mallory-Milton Dohoney era ends at city hall.  Whatever you think of them, you've got to admit that Cincinnati is a more lively and enjoyable place to live than it was eight years ago.

5. Republican Governor John Kasich does an end-run around his fellow Republicans and expands Medicaid.

4. And this one you might not catch, but it's going to catch up to you.  The state of Ohio adopts new school report cards and is about to implement the common core curriculum.  Both of which will prove that either your child is not as smart as you think he is, or perhaps the standardized testing mania has gone a bit too far.

3. The national IRS scandal is centered right here in River City.

2. John Cranley defeats Roxanne Qualls to become the Mayor of Cincinnati. 

And the number one story in the Cincinnati region...

1. Was there ever any doubt? Clang! Clang!  The streetcar.

I don't know what the top ten stories will be for 2014, but I kind of have a feeling the streetcar is going to be on there somewhere.

Honorable mentions go to the end of the parking privatization plan and the controversies surrounding juvenile court Judge Tracie Hunter.

Of course, if you include sports there are a whole lot of other stories, including the Bengals making the playoffs again, the Reds losing the post season, and conference changes impacting UC and Xavier.




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