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Two Survive Violent Crash Thank Emergency Crews

WALTON, Ky. (Joe Webb) -- It isn't often we get to cover a story on a crash like this that doesn't end in someones death.

Aside from a totaled Ford Focus and a trashed trailer the damage is minimal.  Chris York, we're told, has a big bruise on his arm but was treated and released.  Anna Speier has a pretty big cut on her head but she is home and grateful to be there.

"I feel good.  I don't know if it's just adrenaline because I m alive."

Wearing a homemade bandage to cover her stitches and staples, Anna Speier was alert, cheerful, and anxious to thank the people who helped her Monday evening.

Just before 7p.m., Anna and her friend Chris York were northbound on I-75 just outside Walton in the high speed lane alongside a truck. 

"It just moved out of the slow lane drastically like WOOOSH. That quick."

York's Ford Focus became wedged under the trailer.  They collided with the median wall and ground to a stop.  The car was an unrecognizable, twisted mess.

But inside were two people.

"The first thing we did was "Are you okay?" I'm hurt but I'm alive and I'm like, "Are you okay?" And he was like I m hurt but I'm okay. And we celebrated for a minute because we were alive and we're parents."

Bleeding but conscious, Speier and York waited for help.  Walton Fire was the first on the scene.

"I was expecting to find at least one person to be deceased." 

"Listening to the radio traffic before I got there it was pretty much they'd almost confirmed a fatal."

But when first responders got to the car, York and Speier were alert and talking to them.  Crews kept them warm while they jacked up the truck and cut them out.  It took about an hour.  Both were taken by Aircare to University Hospital.  Both treated and released.  They survived this.

"It's really amazing, actually."

Amazing, and for Anna Speier, life-changing.  She says she's always been thankful just never quite this thankful.

"I'm just so thankful for everybody that went above and beyond and these people don't have to do these jobs, they do them because they love it. Amazing people everywhere.  I could see how happy they was when I got out of that car."

Speier says no one was happier to see them get out alive than the truck driver.  He is Frederick Brown of Fort Mitchell, Alabama.  Speier says his eyes were the size of saucers when he saw they were okay.

No one has been charged in the crash.  Both York and Speier were taken to the hospital by helicopter because, after looking at the damage to the car, emergency crews assumed anyone in the car would be critically injured.




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