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Health Alert: Childhood Obesity Report

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- This study lends to new evidence that children are beginning to be overweight at earlier ages.
In this study they found many kids are often overweight by the time they are five-years-old.  It is published in the New England Journal of Medicine, looked at children who were overweight or obese. 

They found when they looked at more than 7,000 children ages five to fourteen, by the time kids were in kindergarten, 12 percent were obese and 15 percent were overweight.  Now they did find some good news that overall obesity dropped in the ages of kindergarten to eighth grade, but they also found overweight five-year-olds were four times as likely as normal weight children to become obese as an adult.

We stopped out Wednesday at the Ohio Heart and Vascular Center which is part of Christ Hospital to find out more.  Mainly the concerns are that when obesity starts early it lead to heart disease,and maybe even serious blood pressure problems that can lead to stroke.

Dr. John Szawaluk said, "It plays a huge role, not only in hypertension but also co-morbid conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, but hypertension as we know is a major risk factor.  So starting from even the teen years, or even younger than that, it's a bad start."
Kids tend to eat what mom and dad eat, so at a very early age they suggest variety, moderation, cut down on serving sizes and reduce salt intake.  They are very concerned that many of us think kids will outgrow the weight, they don't unless parents really change lifestyle habits.




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