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1996 murder of grandmother reopened

DAYTON, Ky. (Deb Dixon) -- When violence visits a small town it can change the way people look at each other and the way people feel walking down streets they thought were so safe.

Dayton, Kentucky changed 18 years ago after the shocking murder of a beloved grandmother.  This is a story you'll see only on Local 12 News.
Vera Harrison was sort of the town grandma to the children in Dayton where she grew up.  The violent end to her life came in her own home on Seventh Avenue.  Whatever happened, happened in the doorway of her home. Glasses found made it appear as thought she was dragged into dining room where body was found.

"I remember seeing blood on her stomach," Jo-ann Harrison said who found her mother-in-law's body.

"I knew she was dead, but I went to get a pulse," she said.

The 69-year-old woman was strangled to death and then stabbed.  The killer did not take money, her rings or a watch.  Dayton police are not talking about evidence in the case now, but they did back then for a Crime Stoppers reenactment.

Dayton Kentucky's Police Chief says he can't talk about the Vera Harrison case because it's reopened.  Sources say that's because of convicted sex offender Robert Morgan.  Sources say while in the Campbell County Jail on an unrelated charge,  Morgan confessed to the  killing of Vera Harrison.
At the same time he confessed to killing Jacki Bonner the same year.  Bonner's body was found in a cistern in Melbourne, Kentucky where she drowned.  Morgan is  charged with killing her.  The Bonner family was in court earlier this month for Morgan's first appearance on a murder indictment.

He hasn't been charged with killing Vera.  Not yet.  If evidence needs testing to compare with Morgan's story it is available at the police station in case there was ever a tip, a clue or a confession.

Vera's son asked, "Why?  Who When?  How come?  What did you get out of it?  What did you get out of killing my mother?"

A simple question that's haunted a family and a town for 18 years.  Now one man says he has the answer.

Vera's son and daughter-in-law say they do not know Morgan but Jo-Ann Harrison does say he looks familiar.

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