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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Start-up Cincinnati:

CINCINNATI (Tiffany Wilson) -- Looking for love online can be full of challenges, especially when the person you meet in real life doesn't live up to their internet profile.

Michael and Bree met speed dating.  Six months after they had started dating Bree admitted that she had run a background check on Michael when they first met.  She says the problem was, there were a lot of Michael Bergmans out there.

It was a eureka moment.  Michael and Bree realized they were meant for each other and the Bergmans hit on a great business idea...verifying your identity online.

Michael, Repp's co-founder, said, "That was pretty much the idea of Repp, it gives anyone the power to control their information and share it with whomever they want."

Repp graduated from the 2012 class of local start-up accelerator, The Brandery.  A Cincytech investment helped Michael hire developers who've built a streamlined site.  Just enter your name and date of birth then Repp scans public records to generate a quiz unique to you.  After answering four questions your profile is created.

"We actually pull in your middle name, I didn't enter that, so we know we've got the right person," Michael said.

You can link your social media profiles and run a criminal and sexual offender check on yourself.  Then when you communicate with someone online you can send them your Repp profile.  Because it's authenticated, they know the picture and information is accurate.

The tech community believes Repp is on to something.  CNBC named it one of the most promising new companies and Repp was a finalist in a national startup competition. 

A clip from their pitch says, "here I am stuck in my trunk with a ton of Activia this guy left me... really regretting I let a stranger come over and test drive my car."

Michael said, "230 applied, we were one of the final eight.  So eight of us pitched, that's impressive."

For the site to reach its potential more people need to sign up.  They've launched, "" to generate some pre-Valentine's Day buzz.

"40 million people a year are on online dating in the U.S.  So we would love to have all those daters have an easy way to know more about each other.  Especially if you remember the Manti Teo story.  So it's a big problem and we think this is an easy solution."

Bergman also sees Repp as a great way to get background information on potential Craigslist buyers.  For now, the service is free, you can sign up at




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