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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Bulletproof Bank Robber

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- He's calm, confident, and armed.

Not a good combination for a bank robber.  Four times he's taken the same unique gun into banks in greater Cincinnati.  Three in the last four months.  This is a story you will see only on Local 12 News.

In the first robbery at US Bank on Madison Road in Just 2012 he calmly pulls a gun from the small of his back, finger on the trigger.  He is wearing the same sunglasses, latex gloves, and carrying that same gun at the heist of the Union Savings on Beechmont last September.  He ditched khakis for business attire black pants and shiny dress shoes.

"The thing that is marked to me is the comfort out of both shoulder holster and pants as well as transitioning from right hand to left hand means he has some sort of experience handling firearms."

"Could be he handled guns as a child or training in military or law enforcement."

He's back in polished black shoes and business pants two months later at US Bank on Edwards Road.  The hoodie and those sunglasses his only disguise.

"You can see it right there, the same gun as the first two robberies wearing gloves on both hands points directly at teller."

He loses it a little at one point.  The gun is all over the place as he looks back at the people behind him.  Still, he gathers himself and even looks to make sure the teller has given him all the money.

"Given all that movement and not freaking out, he's in and out in a minute and ten seconds.  That cool, that calm, a minute and ten seconds."

The silver black semi-automatic pistol, the one in every robbery, looks like a SIG P-200.  Peter Shultz is a retired police officer who works for Ready Line Gun Range in Newtown.  He says the gun is high end and about 900 dollars brand new.

The criminal doesn't pull the gun out at last month's robbery at the PNC on Tylersville.  This time he opens his jacket to show the gun, and something else, a bullet proof vest.  In this robbery he is still wearing the hat we saw under the hoodie in Hyde Park.  But he ditches latex for Caterpillar work gloves.

He never really shows his face and even with all the clues it doesn't tell detectives who the bullet proof bank robber is.  But how he acts and what he wears and carries tell them a lot.

The banks he picks are not near freeways for quick getaways.  They fit his style.  He walks out, never runs, and casually disappears.  His car is likely parked a couple of blocks away.  He doesn't stand out at all so the people he passes dont know he is carrying a gun and wearing a bullet proof vest.

One eyewitness outside the PNC Bank in Mason believes she saw the robber get into a red pick-up truck on January 11th.  Detectives think he is from another city but something brings him to our area, especially the eastern part of the city.

If there is something about this man that you recognize call the Cincinnati Police Criminal Investigations Section at 352-3542.  Or contact Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.




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