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So Cincinnati: Loveland Dairy Whip

LOVELAND, Ohio (Joe Webb) -- On Friday Loveland got the first blast of spring.

The Loveland Dairy Whip, a local fixture since 1955, opened its doors after a long winters nap.  For the first time since September, the open sign was lit at the Loveland Dairy Whip. 

They flipped the switch at two Friday afternoon.  Art Jarvis was there for a fudge dip cone about 2:01. 

"I just happened to be driving past just at the right time. This is the first sign of spring. My way of pushing spring forward and getting it here a little quicker," he said.

For the last 60 springs and summers, this has been the place to get your ice cream fix on Loveland Avenue.  Helen Brennan opened the place on July 4th 1955 and it has literally been a mom and pop operation ever since.

Teresa Morgan said, "Well, for my family it started back in 1972 when my parents bought it." 

Teresa Flint Morgan started working as a teenager and in 1993 she and her sister bought it from the family who bought it from her parents.  Today, Teresa owns the place and Friday she was running it with her sister, Rita, and daughter, Jennifer. 

"It's a family business. I think we just really like ice cream. It gets in your blood," Rita told us.

"I thought I was the coolest little girl ever. I'd brag about it.  My parents run an ice cream store. I get all the ice cream I want," Morgan said.

And it's all about the ice cream.  The grill was taken out in the 80's but the original dipping station and walk-in freezer are still there from 1955.  You can get malts and cones of course but the collection of specialty parfaits is the big draw in 2014.  They are decadent.  The chocolate mountain is the peak of decadence.

Morgan tells us, "The Chocolate Mountain is a layer of chocolate ice cream, then hot fudge, then another layer of chocolate ice cream with chocolate pudding on top, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles." 

Now you know why they were lining up a minute after it opened.  So much of the place is original but one thing is noticeably different.  The tie-dye shirts.  This isn't just style, it's function.  When you handle a lot of sauces and flavorings, things can splash.  The tie-dye hides that.  Sticky and dirty maybe but sweet!  Sweet enough to keep three generations of one family coming back every spring and summer.

"I really don't go out of here a day where I haven't had a lot of laughter.  Yes, there's a lot of work but we do have a lot of fun. I can truly say I do love coming to my job," Morgan said.
And for 60 springs and summers, Loveland has loved coming too.  The Loveland Dairy Whip is open until the last Sunday in September.  Teresa Morgan says they almost always open right before a snow storm.

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