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Sugar Babies

CINCINNATI (Larry Davis) -- "When they say mutually beneficial," it doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means.

As college tuition continues to skyrocket, students fear having to pay off tens of thousands of dollars in debt.  Besides financial aid and scholarships, some college co-eds are now getting help from non-traditional sources, "sugar daddies." 

The website says it will help you find a mutually beneficial relationship or arrangement.  It's as simple as logging on to a dating website. could be the answer for college coeds for a quick answer to those rising college costs.

Leroy Velasquez from the site says, "With the average college student graduating with a debt of upwards to 30,000 dollars, the solution is simple.  Graduate debt free by dating sugar daddies on"

Velasquez says the website has 2.7 million members, one million of which are college students.  It has also produced a list of the fastest growing Sugar Daddy schools.

This dating service ranked the schools by the number of students who used the .edu email address.  Among the fastest growing, Miami was number 75 and coming in at number 45 was UC.

Paige is a UC "sugar baby."  She asked that we conceal her identity.  Paige had two previous Sugar Daddies and just met her third.  She remembers the birthday dinner Sugar Daddy number one paid for her and her friends.

"The appetizers we were having were more than my rent it was really really extravagant and really awesome and improved my lifestyle and I know hanging around us improved his," she said.

Paige says Sugar Daddy number two paid her 2,500 dollars a month to attend events with him.

"It kind of gave me a glamorous lifestyle that I didn't get to have all the time."

Sugar Daddy three will pay Paige 1,500 dollars a month.

She shares, "I use this money as a supplemental income. I use it to pay off my debt. I still work a regular job; actually I work two just like everyone else while Im going to school."

Students we spoke with on the University of Cincinnati campus had never heard of the website and don't know anyone who has looked for a sugar daddy.

One student said, "I'm like pretty shocked especially that UC is like one of the rising groups for that.  I don't know, I just can't believe that people would go that far to pay for their education like that."

Another said, "It doesn't make them seem very hard working and they're using their body or their looks to get by and I don't think that works in the real world."

"Sugar Daddies themselves obviously want a mutually beneficial arrangement which in itself is either platonic something more serious like boyfriend, girlfriend or even long term.  Members on our site have actually gotten married before," Velasquez said.

The University of Cincinnati students we spoke with are skeptical.

"I think it has a very negative.  Like prostitution," one student said.

"First of all I am not a prostitute; I am not by any means a prostitute.  I'm not an escort, I'm not a lady of the night and I'm not a street walker," Paige said.

Paige says some men on the site are looking for long term escorts. She is not looking for an intimate relationship with a sugar daddy.

"I am always offended by that because I am very adamant and list in my profile that is not why I am here and that's not what I do," she said.

Velasquez tells us, "These women have the choice whether to engage in these arrangements. Nothing is ever forced and if their relationship outlooks differ, they can move on and find a more suitable partner."

While Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies are getting the most attention, there is a button for Sugar Mommas.

Ohio has the most schools in the top 25 list of the fastest growing Sugar Daddy schools.  Besides UC and Miami, Kent State is ranked seventh, Ohio University is 22nd and Ohio State is 28th.  The University of Akron is 54th.

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