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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Animals Rescued Now in Care of SPCA

WEST PRICE HILL, Ohio (Brad Underwood) -- The discovery was appalling, nearly 60 dogs locked away in filthy cages and it was only by complete chance they were found in the first place.

Police were actually serving a drug warrant on the home and that's when they found the dogs, a dozen rabbits, and a bird.  Friday night those dogs are in better care.

It will ultimately be up to a judge as to what happens to the dogs that were taken Friday.  The SPCA does not have custody of them to the extent of allowing adoptions.  What are they are doing is giving them love, proper health care, food and water; something investigators say they did not have at their previous home.

One scared, shaking dog at a time, veterinarian Dr. Tamara Goforth and the vet techs at the SPCA examine every dog removed from the Price Hill home.  They're giving each one a physical exam, checking them for microchips and giving them all the proper shots to prevent illness.  They are documenting the entire process with paperwork and a photo.

Dr. Goforth tells us, "Clearly I think it's a breeding situation because there are older dogs who have been bred numerous times, some of them pregnant that we are getting in."

Before arriving at the SPCA, many of the dogs were found in a dark, filthy, and putrid smelling garage.  Cages stacked on top of each other from the floor to the ceiling.  Some cages with multiple dogs locked up inside.

Mike Retzlaff of the SPCA said, "The best thing was to get these dogs out of that environment to a safe warm environment here. Get them checked out by our veterinarian."

Once each dog is examined, they are placed in a kennel based on the dogs condition where they get proper shelter, food and water.

Retzlaff continued, "At this point in time these dogs do not belong to the SPCA.  Depending animal cruelty charges that are pending it will be up to courts on what to do with the dogs."

Two of the dogs and all the rabbits were left in the care of an acquaintance of the resident taken into custody.

Again, we do want to make this clear, you see these abused animals and many people want to help.  The SPCA has already gotten calls about adoption; however, they cannot do that.

With pending charges, these dogs could potentially be involved in a legal matter and until that's resolved, the fate of the dogs is unknown.  One bright note though, the SPCA did say they do not believe any of the dogs will be euthanized.

The person living in the house was taken into custody but police have not released the name or any charges they may face.




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