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Thieves skim credit card and go on shopping spree

BELLEVUE, Ky. (Angela Ingram) -- A warning Friday night about thieves skimming debit and credit cards without actually stealing the card.
Bellevue police say two suspects were able to make a duplicate copy of a woman's debit card and drain her bank account.  The thieves pull up in a black Dodge Charger walking into the BP One Stop gas station in Bellevue.  One of the suspects pays with what appears to be a debit card but the problem is the card he's using is connected to someone else's bank account.

"I opened up, just checking on my bank account online and I noticed that there were about six charges that were fraudulent," the victim said.
The victim asked us not to show her face.  Thursday the thieves racked up six charges on her account.  Friday morning she found even more with over a thousand dollars missing her from checking account.  But her card was never missing or stolen.

The victim tells us, "They were putting it on a gift card, just a normal master card gift card that you would buy for somebody for a gift.  But they were able to go into the scan bar and take the number on the gift card and put my credit card number on the scan bar."

Detective Jon McClain of the Bellevue Police Department said, "The only thing I figure at this time is somewhere along the line she used her card somewhere whether it be here, Cincinnati or wherever and someone was able to skim the card, get the information off the card, and make a duplicate card."
After the One Stop the thieves hit Kroger.  Then they  bought more cigarettes and gift cards at other Kroger stores in Clifton.  Police say these days thieves can steal information easily.

McClain continued, "If you've got the type of card where you just gotta place it on something that have the chips in them, then people can walk buy with scanning devices and get information that way."

If you have any information that can help police with this case call our partners at Crime Stoppers.  The number is 352-3040.

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