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Four young men arrested in home invasion and robbery attempt

FOREST PARK, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- At barely 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, two 18-year-old men with guns forced their way into a Forest Park home.

They confronted a father and his two year old son.  While the terrifying robbery was underway, an alert neighbor was on the phone with 911.  This is one of those rare occasions where fortunately all the right things happened.  Neighbors were alert, the cops were right on top of it and now the bad guys are where they belong, behind bars.

But bare in mind, all four of the bad guys involved here are just teenagers.  The car with the four young men in it came down Ivy Rock Court just before 10a.m. Tuesday.  It stopped in the cul-de-sac and two of them wearing hoodies and gloves got out and walked down the street.  Fortunately an alert neighbor saw them and immediately called 911.

In the 911 call he tells a dispatcher, "Two black males both wearing hoodies.  One is black, the other maybe bluish.  They got out of a green vehicle that's parked at the end of my street."

Nearly a dozen Forest Park police officers quickly took off from the nearby police station and pounced on the neighborhood.  They immediately stopped the car containing Tassie Andrews and Dayshaun Burton.  Police also found out that two other young men had gone into a nearby house.

Forest Park Police Chief Phil Cannon tells Local 12, "Our officers actually got close enough to the house they heard the commotion going on in there, realized there was a problem, surrounded the house."

Inside the house police say 18-year-old Diallo Brown and 19-year-old Jonathan Goines had the homeowner and his 2-year-old son at gunpoint as they moved them room to room, robbing the place.

Chief Cannon said, "As we surround the house one of the individuals tried to come out the back door with a hoodie on, came out the back door, he was ordered to stop by the police officer, refused, tried to go back into the house and was tazed."

That was Diallo Brown.  They caught Jonathan Goines inside the home near a gun.  The four young men are all under 20-years-old and are now being held in the justice center on hundreds of thousands of dollars in bond.  Charges include aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

Police are giving lots of credit to the brave, involved neighbor who called 911.

Chief Cannon explained, "When you see things out of place, like this gentleman did yesterday he knows immediately this is not supposed to be happening at ten o'clock in the morning, and he makes that choice.  I'm gonna get involved and do the right thing here and that's what he did."

It's hard to imagine but once police got Diallo Brown to the Forest Park police department things got even crazier.  As they were getting him out of the car, in hand cuffs he took off running.  As nearly a dozen officers once again went after him, he didn't get very far.  He's also now charged with escape.

In court Wednesday morning Jonathan Goines' attorney told the judge he was planning on graduating from Princeton High School in a few months.  That could clearly be on hold right now.

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