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Stupid Pet Trick auditions for Late Show with David Letterman

CINCINNATI (Angenette Levy) -- Loyal fans of the "Late Show with David Letterman" and their pets performed their best stupid pet tricks Thursday in the hope of winning a trip to New York City to meet king of late night.

Dogs that sing, howl, dance and roll over on command streamed into the Anderson Pet Center in the hope of wowing a talent coordinator with the show.  Jeremy Shroyer's dog, Raz, stood on his hind feet and danced in a circle.  He then played dead when his Shroyer said "bang."

"I think it looked pretty good but I know she can do better," Shroyer said.

Julie Dorman brought her pooch Izzy to audition. He had a little stage fright and only sang after some encouragement from a Local 12 News crew. Izzy will only sing when dressed in a tuxedo and refuses to perform in front of other dogs.

Susan Fisher and her daughters brought in their two-year-old dog, Bella, to audition.

"Do you want to go to the studio? Do you want to go see Dave," Fisher asked Bella. "Huge Letterman fan. Actually, my husband and I lived in New York before we moved back to Cincinnati. So I've been to the show. Love you Dave!"

Fisher got Bella to give her a high five, roll over and dance on her hind legs.

"Late Show" talent coordinator John Klarl travels to cities around the U.S. scouting the wildest tricks.

"You'll have a lot of people come in and do a trick that maybe you've seen before something not so out of the ordinary. But then there's that's one thing that has kind of that wacky fun hook to it. And the minute it happens you kind of perk up in your seat and you know that you have something good," Klarl said.

Letterman's had several impressive pets on his show including a sheltie that rode a skateboard down a set of steps and a bulldog name Gabe that climbed onto a rocking horse and rode it better than any human.
Captain Jack, a mutt from Madeira, hoped his howls to the sounds of sirens would be enough to get to New York.

"Last chance to spend some time with David Letterman," said Evans, a pet photographer.

Mary Considine's dog Maggie can jump more than four feet in the air. She can also scale a six foot wall. Considine and her husband are from Indiana originally. They'd love to meet Letterman in New York.

"It would mean the world to us if we could get on the show," Considine said.

Many of the people who auditioned said they'll be sad to see Letterman retire. But, they think Stephen Colbert, Letterman's successor, will do a good job.

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