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Drastic differences in missing student cases

CINCINNATI (Rich Jaffe) -- Kendra Wright disappeared after work on May 17th.

Police found her Thursday afternoon on McMicken Avenue in Cincinnati.  They are interviewing her, before reuniting her with her family.  You didn't hear much about the search for Kendra Wright, unlike Brogan Dulle.  He was the UC student who committed suicide in a vacant building on East McMillan.  Local 12's Rich Jaffe has a look at the two very different outcomes and cases.

Unfortunately people disappear on a daily basis.  Some of those cases understandably attract a lot more attention than others.  Missing children immediately set off bells and whistles.  Missing adults, young or otherwise, garner quite a bit less attention unless there's something that makes them a "critical missing."  Neither Brogan Dulle or Kendra Wright were critical cases but they certainly stimulated a drastically different response.

On May 17th, 19-year-old Cincinnati State student Kendra Wright disappeared after working her shift at McDonalds in Colerain Township.  The day after family members contacted police.  Concerned friends and co-workers began posting fliers a few days later.  Wright's case and the investigation have been highly standard.

Walking out of Kendra's McDonalds 12 days after she disappeared, the poster got Michael Bess thinking, "I'll keep a closer eye on my children and keep an eye out for her just in case.  There's a lot of bad people in this world, hard to tell what will happen on a daily basis."

Within two days of Brogan Dulle's disappearance Sunday, May 18th, friends and family contacted the media.  They quickly put a massive PR machine into motion.  They generated tens of thousands of dollars in reward money.  Search headquarters were established, flyers, t-shirts, even billboards went up.  More than a thousand people began walking the streets looking for the missing UC student.  Having exhausted leads police held news conferences.  It was a search engine unlike anything anyone had seen.

Despite all of that, Dulle was found hanging in a vacant building late Monday night while Kendra remained missing.

James Love of the Colerain Township Police Department told Local 12's Rich Jaffe, "There doesn't seem to be that willingness by everyone to disclose everything like there was in the other situation.  Everybody was there, everyone wanted to put everything on the table....  We're having to try and pull, pull this out."

Thanks to police and in spite of that resistance, Wright was found safe and sound.  The much more usual outcome.

Love explained, "When people decide, you know, I'm upset with life right now, I'm just gonna take off for a few days, it would be great if they would just call and say, 'Hey I'm gonna be missing a few days just respect my privacy.'  It would be great if they would just clue us in a little bit on those sorts of situations."

Rich Jaffe said, "I think there are two takeaways from all of this.  First for parents, if it's your child or loved one that turns up missing be aggressive in getting the word out.  The Dulle case should be a text book for such things because it was so tremendously effective.  The other message is the one from Jim Love that you just heard, if you're feeling overwhelmed, like you need to take off, just try and let someone know."

Kendra Wright and her mom were reunited at a Colerain Township Womens Center Thursday afternoon. 

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