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The story of Laila: 6-month-old pup needs surgery

HAMILTON, Ohio (Brad Underwood) -- The Cincinnati Area German Shepherd Rescue organization has been helping save dogs from being euthanized for almost a decade. 

One German Shepherd at a time, good dogs are put in good homes.  Five months ago, Susan Kimball began fostering a four-week-old puppy with severely deformed back legs who was brought to a veterinarian.  The puppy was born into a litter of seven.

"The mother did end up killing five of her babies, leaving two and there was probably something wrong with them," said Kimball.

One of the puppies was euthanized at the vet because of the physical injuries after birth.  Out of seven, one was left, a fighter named Laila.

"She's named Laila after Muhammad Ali's daughter  who is a fighter, she was named by one of the technicians," said Kimball.

According to the veterinarian, Laila's mother suffered from malnutrition during the pregnancy and in turn passed on deformities to her puppies.
While she gets around, it's not easy or pretty.  Laila drags one leg and holds another up while sitting.  Her left leg can't be fixed, but the right leg has a chance.

"They'll use plates and screws and then the left leg has atrophied which means they can't repair so they will shorten it and make it a peg leg because, she uses it for balance," said Kimball.

The surgery to fix her leg will cost $6,000, a bill Kimball and the Cincinnati Area GSD Rescue can't afford on their own, so they're turning to Facebook for help. Laila has her own Facebook page and website.

On June 7th, a fundraiser for Laila will be held at the Bass Pro Shop in Forest Park.

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