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Your iPhone could be tracking you

SAN ANTONIO (WKRC) -- No trip to the Alamo is complete without a few family photos and even a silly selfie or two. Snapping some pictures will help you remember this moment, but did you know your iPhone could be keeping track of a whole lot more about you?

Just go to your iPhone's privacy settings and location services and under system services, you may find that your phone is tracking where you are at all times under the "Frequent locations option." It can tell where you're living, where you're going, and how long you stay there, minute by minute, without even telling you.

"The Apple [operating system] maintains a little database of all the cell towers it talks to. And also all the WiFi networks it talks to by the way," Ray Lopez, a tech expert and UTSA lecturer, explained to WOIA-TV. "That sounds innocuous until you realize that's a perfect way to tell where you've been moment by moment."

Lopez added, "Unless privacy is pretty high on your list of values then you probably shouldn't be too concerned."

You can easily turn off the tracking on your phone by clicking the off switch on Frequent Services.

"People really need to educate themselves as they see these new capabilities coming out on these smart devices," Lopez said. "They need to take a little time to read about them and understand what they're doing so they can turn them off if they need to."

So heres what you should do to disable Location Services as instructed by Apple support page:

1.) Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and either turn off all Location Services using the Location Services slider or use the individual sliders for each location-aware app or item on your device.
2.) To disable Location Services for all websites, turn off Location Services for the Safari app.
3.) You may also disable location-based system services on your device by tapping System Services and turning off each location-based system service on your device.

For more information on location services withing Apple iOS 7, click here.


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