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Former wife of man accused in murder-suicide says violence could have been prevented

COVINGTON, Ky. (Joe Webb) -- The woman whose ex-husband shot and killed her husband in front of her children says the violence could have been prevented.

Amy Kroening says she warned the court several times her ex-husband, Zuriel Turk, wrote threatening letters to her family.  Sunday, Turk opened fire on Kroening's husband, Mark, as he brought Turk's four children for a visit.  Local 12's Joe Webb spoke to Amy Kroening Tuesday and talks about why she was afraid of what Zuriel might do.

Zuriel Turk is a bit of mystery.  Some people who've known him for years are shocked by what he did at the Dairy Queen and say the system somehow failed him.  But not Amy Kroening.  She says Turk was evil and that his letters and a recent 16-page manifesto are the rantings of a dangerous man.  She says the family court knew that and failed to protect her second husband and her children.

The story of Zuriel Turk can be seen in the paper trail he left behind at the Kenton County Courthouse.  Turk was acquitted of sexual abuse and accused of intimidating a witness, but that charge was dismissed.  There is a lawsuit on file claiming his pastor stole his wife and a file of a failed attempt to get a protective order on the man police say Turk killed at the Dairy Queen last weekend.  There is a lot of stuff.  But there's a lot no one can see that's confidential.

"There are two folders of court documents stating how afraid I was of this man.  And how many times we went to court expressing our fear and concern about how evil this man was and how capable he was of this," Amy Kroening said.
Kroening stood with her mother Tuesday afternoon to share her story.  They are adamant the violence at the Dairy Queen could have been avoided.
Turk's letters and other writings became more threatening, "This last time we asked the judge to give us supervised visitation or no visitation.  We tried to stop it because he continued to talk bad about us.  Tell the kids they were kidnapped and I was trying to collect ransom money," Amy said.
But the visit went on and Mark Kroening brought the couple's four children to the Dairy Queen when Turk started firing into the car.  They think it's a miracle the children were spared.

Amy Kroening's mother, Teresa DeBorde, said, "I think he was out for everything at this point.  He was out to get whoever he could."
The children were not injured.  Amy Kroening says you can blame the system for anyone being injured.

She said, "I think after all the warnings I gave them and all the warnings he gave them, they completely failed my husband, Mark Kroening.  They failed all of us."

Amy says Mark was her best friend.  She says her children loved him and he loved them like they were his own.  Attorney Eric Deters, who represented Turk in his lawsuit against the pastor, said he was also a victim of the system.  Deters says Turk's problems snowballed after he was wrongfully accused of sexual abuse and lost his children.

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