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So Cincinnati: Roneys

CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- There's a restaurant in town which attracts customers from miles away, people who literally plan their days around a visit.

It is not some fancy, upscale joint.  It's a place on Route-32 in Clermont County's Union Township where you can dine well for five or six bucks!  Step inside this restaurant, and you can order a large portion of nostalgia, with fries on the side.  Basically the food's the same as it was in 1969 which is when this place opened, part of a growing chain of restaurants called Roy Rogers.

The Roy Rogers Show starring Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys.  Roy Rogers the company, not the actor, once had 650 restaurants.  But over the years, most closed but not the one here in Cincinnati.  Although there's one big modification.

Owner Gene Loftspring said, "We were a Roy Rogers until 2 years ago and we changed to Roney's."
Roney's is everything Roy's was, without Roy.  Well,  actually with Roy.  His pictures are everywhere.  The roast beef, burgers, and chicken and the fixin's bar are still here.  And so are the customers!

Dennis Wheeler has been a customer for 20 years and said, "It's a destination place. People come from all over, Dayton, Kentucky; you see all the plates in the parking lot.  It's the only one left in the Midwest."

This place became Roney's because Roy's new corporate parent demanded some menu changes, which the owners here refused to do.

"If we would have kept the name Roy Rogers it would have been Roy Rogers in name only and not the quality of the food," said Loftspring.
The name Roney's is for Roney Lane, where the store is located.  And it was easy to change the sign.  All they had to do was change the "Roy" and take down a couple of letters on the "Rogers."
Roney's, or maybe Roy's, has a following most places would die for.  The food is great and the prices are reasonable.  Some people come everyday!

Local 12's Jeff Hirsh asked one customer, "You really come here every day?" 

Karl Kern responded, "Yes i do."

"Do you get the same thing every day?" 

"Usually a roast beef, small coke and a large cup of ice," Kern responded.
And speaking of every day, the store's founder, Allen Loftspring is still cooking, literally at age 90.

"The customers say I don't care what you call it don't change, and it's worked," said Allen. 
One more thing, Roy Rogers' real name was Leonard Slye.  He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio just a few miles from where Roney's stands today.  Roy Rogers was born in 1911 and passed away in 1998.  Both Roy and Roney's is So Cincinnati.

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