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Medical Edge: 7 foods with big health perks

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A new reports says skip the pills and try a few summer foods to fight common health problems.    

The foods appear to have some surprising goodness.  Local 12 asked a Registered Dietitian at TriHeath to explain why from beating high blood pressure to stopping the common cold, there is no need to go for gimmicks.
There's no magic to these foods but they do have what's called "health perks." Some of the foods might work like medicine in the body.  There are seven experts suggest everyone should eat.

1. Raspberries: They are a powerhouse for nutrients your body needs mainly because of their deep rich color.

Dianne Schneider, a Registered Dietitian at TriHealth, said, "The more colorful a fruit or veg, the more vitamins and minerals."

2. Potatoes: A review in the Annals of Medicine found potatoes have magnesium and potassium to bring blood pressure down.

3. Peppers: They have more vitamin C than an orange, especially the red ones!

Schneider said, "Green peppers can be can be a little more affordable, I personally like the red, yellow and orange because of the, again, more colorful."

4. Green peas: They are packed with protein.

5. Parsley:  It makes the list because it is loaded with three times the amount of vitamin K your body needs each day to boost your bones.

6.  Sauerkraut: It's pro-biotic packed for helping digestion.  Get the refrigerated kind for the best benefit.

7. Popcorn: It is considered the best snack food on this Health Perks list.
It is a whole grain and very high in fiber.

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