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WWII planes fly over ceremony for WWII Veterans

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (Brad Underwood) -- Dozens of World War II veterans were honored and celebrated for their service.
Friday night, four planes that flew during the war flew once again in honor of the greatest generation.  The B-25 Mitchell Bomber was one of the premier bomber planes used in World War II.  It flew again over hundreds of people honoring the men who fought and flew in the war.

Russell Witte, a WWII veteran, said, "They sent us to fly B25's and we went overseas and we followed the British army, bombing with B25's."

Russell Witte has piloted about every aircraft that flew during WWII. The 97-year-old Western Hills graduate even spent time in North Africa before the second world war.  Witte's son, Jim, says his dad was supposed to return after 25 missions.  However, it wasn't until after 50 combat missions that Witte came back.

Jim Witte said, "He was attached to the British 8th Army, they went back and fourth across North Africa chasing Romel and defeating him.  And then they proceeded to bomb Sicily in preparation for the invasion of Italy."

Paul Redlich, President of the Warbirds museum, said, "We've got about 50 WWII veterans and thier guests here.  It's just great to be able to honor them and thank them for their service."

Paul Redlich helps run the museum but he also pilots the Cincinnati Miss, a P-51 Mustang fighter plane as well as the B25 Bomber.  Watching the formations, Witte remembers some of his moves.

Russell Witte told Local 12, "We we're flying all over the sky because they were shooting at us. You didn't like to fly in a straight line except
you had to when you were on your bomb run."

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