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Doctor visits inspire new product for kids: Dr. Scribbles

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Deb Dixon) -- It was an ordinary moment that brought two mothers to an extraordinary place.

The ordinary moment was an Anderson Township mother waiting in the doctor's office with her impatient daughters.  That's where she came up with a business concept that has her and her partner talking to hospitals and offices as far away as Florida.
Mackenzie Reckman is learning about senses in an examination room at Anderson Hills Pediatrics.  But she's really into coloring on the Dr. Scribbles exam table paper.

Christie Reckman, Mackenzie's mom, said, "All the different activities are on topic.  So, it gives us something to talk about like health or learning about their bodies."
The office is testing out Dr. Scribbles exam paper.  Patients now ask to go in the Dr. Scribbles room.

"If you're sitting here with nothing to do, waiting for somebody to com in a room, your anxiety levels can be a lot higher than if you have something to color, to keep busy while waiting for us," said Dr. Kathleen McGovern of Anderson Hills Pediatrics.
And that's how Angela Malone came up with the Dr. Scribbles idea while waiting for the doctor with two impatient daughters.

She tells Local 12, "My daughters and I went home started making up games we would like to play on it and that's it!"
Games such as tic-tac-toe and word scrambles.  It's custom made for each office or hospital and includes quick response bar codes to link waiting parents to websites.

Sheila Stidham, President of Dr. Scribbles, said, "Medical and technology together.  Because you have 56 percent of our population that use cellphones so why not use your smart phone to be able to educate entertain patient while they wait."

The Dr. Scribbles technology can also send a messages to patients from Dr. Scribbles when they enter an office or hospital to welcome them.  Dr. Scribbles is Angela Malone's idea but she was inspired by her mother's dying words.

"In her dying breath she said, 'Angela, I need you to make a difference in the world.'  Every roll that comes out is inspired by my mother.  I know she's looking out for us."

Two hospitals in Florida and Children's Hospital in Cincinnati are considering Dr. Scribbles.  The mothers and businesswomen hope to find a sponsor to buy the paper for Shriner's Hospital.

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