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Deer crashes through store window

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Angela Ingram) -- A shopper was certainly doing some discovering as she went into the Discovery Shop in Cherry Grove.
But, this particular shopper didn't use the door and made quite a mess.  Workers at the Discovery Shop put up a sign warning customers that the store was a bit of a mess Monday.  Shards of glass littered the entryway after a deer crashed its way into the store.

Craig Smith of the Discovery Shop said, "And I heard a bunch of screaming and the next thing I do as I walk out of my office and a deer is in our back room.  It's like that typical you see a dog running in and it's sliding everywhere.  That's exactly what happened and then he got his footing and took off back out the store to get out and went through the other plate glass window."
As quickly as it came, the deer was gone.  And apparently the confused animal made several other stops before darting off.

"Somebody told me that it hit a door down the street, it tried to go into Hancock Fabrics.  It hit their door and then bounced off," Smith said.
Witnesses say the deer also hit a car in the parking lot. 

Store manager Craig Smith says it certainly was not a typical day at work, "It's just very hard to grasp what took place, I'm just thankful that nobody was injured."

Witnesses at the Discovery Shop lost sight of the deer after it crashed through the second window.  The store manager estimates the animal caused about a thousand dollars' worth of damage.

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