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One of two children hit by car released from hospital

SOUTH FAIRMOUNT, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- The 11-year-old boy released from Children's Hospital on Thursday spoke with Local 12 about the moment a car jumped the curb and slammed into him and a friend.

Cameren Gellenbeck was released from the hospital while his friend, 9-year-old Jalontae White, remained in the hospital.  Authorities prepared Thursday to file charges against the driver of the car that hit the children.  Investigators are waiting for a toxicology report to come back on the driver, Crystal Weldy. 

The boys were hit on Westwood Avenue where there were already concrete barriers to keep the nearby house from getting hit again.  Gellenbeck is lucky to be alive.  When he got out of the hospital he told Local 12 News he tried to get out of the way of the car that hit him and White.

Gellenbeck said, "Me and him were riding our bikes, coming up back home and a car was coming and it came on the sidewalk.  Hit me and I flew up in the air, landed, climbed to the stairs and this lady came out."

The two boys were on their way to Cameren's house from McDonald's when police say the car, driven by Weldy, jumped the curb and slammed into the boys on the sidewalk.  Jalontae White, known as "Tae-Tae," remained in Children's Hospital with more serious injuries including head trauma.

Cameren's mom ran to her son's side moments after he was hit.  Stephanie Gellenbeck told Local 12, "When the car came up on the sidewalk he took the front right side of the car.  She hit him, he knocked him into the air and he hit the door of the house when he came back down."

Local 12 spoke with Weldy at her home; however, she didn't want to talk on camera.  Weldy told Local 12 she was having a tough time with the crash.  It is likely she will have a much tougher time in the near future, especially since her 7-year-old son was also in the car.

Lt. Bruce Hoffbauer of the Cincinnati Police traffic unit explained, "The driver of the car has yet to be able to provide us that she has a valid driver's license in any state.  And her and the owner of the car have yet to be able to provide us with insurance on the car."

Cameren's mother added, "That's what bothers me.  That somebody could get behind the wheel irresponsibly and especially having a kid in the car as well.  I mean these kids weren't in the street or going in front of traffic.  They were simply riding their bikes home from McDonald's."

Investigators said the really critical part of the investigation will be the urine test they have submitted for analysis from Weldy.  If it comes back she was indeed driving impaired her lack of license and insurance will be the least of her worries.

The one thing investigators have ruled out as a factor in the crash is speed.  They will also be examining the car Weldy was driving to see if there was any mechanical malfunction.

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