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Officer to resign and plead guilty after making fake police substation

CINCINNATI (Rich Jaffe) -- Darrell Beavers' attorney said investigators still couldn't prove his client had a physical relationship with a 17-year-old police explorer, even though he set up a love nest and had lewd pictures of her on his cellphone.

Local 12 News was first to break the story of that love nest and, what prosecutors said, proved to be enough for Beavers to take a plea to try and cut his losses before going to trial.  Beavers set up a love nest then tried to disguise it as a police sub-station.  In court Monday it was revealed he had a second one as well!

Disgraced and possibly headed to prison, soon to be ex-police officer, Darrell Beavers, stood in front of Judge Ralph Winkler Monday and plead guilty to attempted tampering with evidence and use of a minor in nudity oriented material.  The judge called it a tragic day.

Judge Winkler told the court, "They used the word that they loved him out in the community and he was admired by many people in the community.  So this is a sad day for everybody."

Only Local 12 was there for a tour of the love nest Officer Beavers had set up to look like a police substation.  It was complete with a bed, food, personal lubricant, video's and a police issued, night vision camera.  A Cincinnati police officer for 13 years, because he pleaded guilty to the two charges, Beavers dodged four others that would have stacked additional time on his sentence. 

The deal, which his attorney said was a good one, all hinged on missing or destroyed cell phones with incriminating, lewd pictures of the 17-year-old police explorer.

Beavers' attorney, Carl Lewis, explained, "If this matter had gone to trial it would have been, without question, that some kind of investigation had begun or was going to begin and that there was cell phones that was destroyed or thrown away; no longer available.  And in my opinion that was critical to our case because for me it was like a domino effect.  If the cell phones are not available then why were they not available? What was going on and in my mind, having done this for 25 years, look at jurors; they began to hang their hat on things."

Sentencing is set for August 7.  Judge Winkler said, "I'll do a fair sentence to officer Beavers and also to the victim and the public. I just really have no idea if I'll give him community control or prison."

In pleading guilty to the two charges, a charge of theft in office was dismissed.  That meant that Beavers will be allowed to keep the money he's contributed to his police retirement fund.  Beavers also agreed to resign from the department.

The maximum possible sentence on the two charges is 30 months in prison and $7,500 in fines.  In addition to the fines and possible prison time for Beavers, the owners of the two properties used as mock substations are asking for $9,600 in restitution.

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