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Battle of the sexes comes down to the thermostat

CINCINNATI (Paula Toti) -- It seems we wait months for these precious days of summer, only for some people to complain either about the heat or too much air conditioning.

The battle over where to set the thermostat plays out in many offices and other public places.

It seems people are in the warm camp or cold camp. I'm usually cold with too much A/C, and from what I observe, more women are complaining.

It's not always a male versus female thing, but there are reasons it leans that way, and some of us just physically feel differently. It's not even a matter of extra pounds, a lot of thin people are warm, and fit people sometimes run cold in the office.
Moving air feels a lot colder. I was surprised the thermometer showed the same temperature by our station transformers and in the office. Experts say air we cool is harder to control than the air we heat. 
Barb yankie is the owner of green building consultiing.  She works on energy efficiency.  She agrees 72 degrees indoors in winter feels hot ... And 74 in summer can feel cold.

And cooling is expensive compared with heating. Sizing systems properly in commercial spaces can be a challenge, basically when a building is filled to capacity.

The owners of a new restaurant on Vine Street got lucky finding a place with two thermostats so the kitchen could be on its own system. Keeping the cooks and servers cool often means the customers freeze.

So bottom line, not everyone is going to be happy indoors in summer.

And believe it or not there's a government standard adopted by many companies when it comes to where they set the A/C. 

In our climate it's 72 degrees. That's based on a study commissioned by the government from a non profit group called Ashrae.

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