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Apartment manager attacked, beaten and ran over with car

BOND HILL, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- The attack took place early Saturday morning in back of an apartment building on Reading Road near Bond Hill.

The victim was Roberto Rosiles told Local 12 he was familiar with at least two of the people who attacked him because they've been to the building before.

Residents told Local 12 they've become increasingly concerned about what's been going on in the parking lot behind 4815 Reading Road because it can't be seen from the street.  And by far the worst thing so far was the attack on the building manager over the weekend.

Apartment manager Roberto Rosiles said according to doctors he suffered two crushed discs in his back along with multiple painful scrapes and bruises.  Early Saturday morning he approached two men connected with a suspicious black Nissan he'd seen in the parking lot a number of times before.  He got into a fight with the men and tried to get them in view of building cameras.

Recovering in his bed he told Local 12, "I try, I try to go close because I know I have cameras there.  When I get there one guy punch me and I end up lying on the ground."

Roberto's girlfriend, Clara, was with him.  Concerned for her safety Local 12 agreed not to show her face and used a translator.

They told Local 12, "She says when she saw the guys hitting Roberto she started screaming for someone to come out of the apartments and help."

Moments later the frightening situation got even worse when a third person, a woman who had been with the men, jumped into the black Nissan and put it in gear.

Roberto said, "Lying on the floor and she close with the car on my back."

When asked if he was lying on the ground and the woman drove the car over him Roberto said, "Over me."

Clara said she didn't know whether to run for help or continue screaming and try to attract attention.  Then the woman driver tried to finish Roberto off.

The translator explained, "She said when the woman ran him over once she tried to go back and run him over again but somehow Roberto got up.  He had been knocked out but somehow he got up."

Roberto's been the manager at the apartments for about two years and he was the maintenance guy before that.  Local 12 spoke with three older, long term residents and they all said what a great job Roberto's been doing.  But they were also concerned about their safety to the point that they didn't want to talk on camera.

Roberto said the vehicle belonged to the son of a woman who lives in the building and it's been the basis of complaints in the past.  Part of the attack was indeed caught on building surveillance cameras and Roberto Rosiles managed to get a picture of the license plate on one of the cars.

If you know anything about the attack or the people responsible, call Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.

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