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Howard Ain, Troubleshooter: Dealerships Sued For Not Issuing Titles

CINCINNATI (Howard Ain) -- An area woman says she's been waiting for her used car title for more than two months.  But she's not alone, and now the Ohio Attorney General has filed suit against that auto dealer and one other.
Local 12 Troubleshooter Howard Ain says the lawsuits are to recover funds and prevent future violations.

Hope Greene of Hooven bought a 95 Honda Civic. She bought it in May from Extreme Imports in Fairfield.

Hope Greene: "He told me that he could sell me the car for 19-hundred dollars. We made an agreement to do a buy here, pay here. I would give him 350 down and then make payments of 200 dollars a month."

Greene says when she received the vehicle she was able to drive it off the lot.

Greene: "But it broke down about 2 miles out. Due to my insurance, I had it towed to my house."

And it's remains parked at her house because she's learned the motor is bad.

"They said nothing about the motor, they told me the only thing they knew that was wrong with it was the water pump."

Greene bought the car 'as is' with no warranty.  She asked for her money back anyway and stopped paying after giving the dealer 400 dollars.

 "They told me that my money was non-refundable. I had signed into a loan. I was locked into the loan and there was nothing I could do about it."

But Greene says, although she received a temporary license tag, she never got title to the car.

"No title, because, honestly, if I had the title, I would just sell it."

Now, the Ohio Attorney General has sued seeking refunds for several consumers who also didn't get titles from that dealer and Fairgrove Auto Center, also in Fairfield.

Howard Ain: "At this point, Greene says she just wants her money back and the retail installment contract cancelled.  Meanwhile, she says she's learned a valuable lesson about buying an 'as is' car with no warranty."

Greene: "Have your mechanic with you. Some things even, like my situation, can't always be said right there on the lot, it does take a little more investigation."
I've told Greene to file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General who's seeking full restitution for customers of Extreme Imports who failed to get their titles.
In light of the lawsuits, youre reminded to take precautions when buying used cars.
If the vehicle is sold 'as is' remember get it checked out by a certified mechanic before you buy it, because you'll be responsible for all repairs.




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