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With the Division Clinched, Bengals Kids Visit Dad at Work

CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- It's celebration time again in Bengals Nation.

The team will be going to the playoffs for the the third time in a row.  The Bengals clinched the AFC North division Sunday and are guaranteed at least one home playoff game, perhaps two, depending on how things shake out on the grid iron.

The Bengals are 7-0 at home and hope to wrap up an undefeated home season this Sunday at Paul Brown against the Ravens.  The Bengals are amazing at home; scoring more than forty points in each of the last four home games.  But home has a different meaning as well during this holiday season because a lot of pro athletes live in different parts of the country, and are not necessarily home for Christmas.  So it's nice to have a touch of home at the home field.

The Cincinnati Bengals locker room is usually a place for very large people and Monday was no exception.  But there were some smaller folks there as well.

Defensive Back Chris Crocker introduced Local 12 to his little girl, "Hey... this is my little daughter Sidney.  This is my pride and joy.  The came to work with da da today, to pick up some Christmas gifts and spend some time with me since she's not here during the whole season."

It was not officially "Take Your Children to Work Day," but it kind of worked out that way.
Adam Jones, Bengals defensive back, said, "The girls got two more days before Santa comes.  What do you want, what's the main thing?"

His daughter replied, "A puppy."

"Uh oh, here we go!"

Adam Jones admits he's been up, down, and all around during his life.  But Jones says his kids are everything.  They know it's important to give back, but it's okay to ask dad for presents too, because dad is happy to give.
"I try to give them what I couldn't have growing up as an inner city kid, coming from poverty.  We didn't have too much.  It was OK for me but I try to make sure my kids have a better life style than me.  That's the reason why I play this game."

Of course, when you re a kid, almost everything can be a game ... like playing with daddy's sweatshirt during an interview!  It's okay if your two-year-old tugs on your sweatshirt strings because she's also tugging on your heart strings, especially just before Christmas.

Crocker says, "Now she's getting to the age where she's really starting to understand gifts.  It's a happy time. It's just as a parent it's great to see her face and her smile and see her open gifts.  I'm a proud parent just like everybody else is this time of year."
So often, we only see athletes as somebody wearing a number that we don't know personally.  So it's nice to see that, as Chris Crocker said, when it comes to family, they're just like anybody else.





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