Smile Shot: The smile injection

The smile injection

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If your New Year's resolution is to do something to improve your smile, it might be easier than you think.

A simple shot at the dentist can make a big difference. A shot people have likely heard about for shaping up wrinkles is now in use for shaping up a better smile.

For many Botox is a great way to beat pain, avoid major surgery and love the way you look. Shanice Lawrence said she spent years wearing braces for a better smile. But eventually it was not quite the smile she wanted to see, not because of her teeth but rather her gums.

"I feel like sometimes I do show more gum than teeth because my teeth are smaller than I'd like 'em," said Lawrence.

So she consulted Dr. Fred Peck, a cosmetic dentist, to help her improve that gummy smile. His solution was a simple shot of the poison that paralyzes, known as Botox.

Dr. Peck said Botox, normally known for reducing wrinkles, can simply relax the upper lip enough to cover a gummy smile, "The Botox prevents the muscle from firing so the muscle that's gonna lift her lip all the way up just won't be active and just won't be firing."

In addition to using Botox for this purpose Dr. Peck points out that there are a couple other things that might make a difference if people need help or some medical attention. If people get pain from TMJ they might be able to use Botox. If people get headaches from that, or even teeth grinding, Botox could make a difference.

Whatever the reason, Shanice said she's smiling a lot more these days. The few shots she got cost a little more than $100. The results will last on most people three to six months.

The idea is people can do Botox to avoid surgery until skin drops on its own.

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