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11 year hoax, two moons August 27?...NOT

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 10:22 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Erica Collura) -- Lots of people in the tri-state have been asking if they will be able to see two moons Wednesday, August 27.

Earth's full moon and Mars?!  The answer is no.  The hoax has been coming around pretty much every summer for the last 11 years.  It states something like, "See two moons on August 27. This won't happen again in your lifetime."

It's just not true. Wednesday doesn't even have a full moon and it's impossible that Mars could ever appear as large as a full moon as seen from Earth.  Mars' diameter is 140 times smaller than Earth's.

The hoax started in 2003 when Mars and Earth came as close as they'd been in almost 60,000 years.  Still, Mars was not as big or as bright as Earth's moon.

11 year hoax, two moons August 27?...NOT

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