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Cooler temps save at least one community money

Updated: Monday, August 11 2014, 12:33 PM EDT
BLUE ASH, Ohio (Scott Dimmich) -- Usually, the City of Blue Ash Golf Course is spending a lot of time this time of year watering roughs, fairways, and greens due to the lack of rain and 90° heat. This year, however, summer has been cooler than average, and they've had just the right amount of rain which is helping to keep irrigation costs down.

Cooper Creek Golf Superintendent Dan Walter said, "We've been fortunate enough that we've had excellent moisture and cool weather to allow the turf to grow rapidly. We've been able to water minimally, and also we've had excessive turf growth which equals excessive health."

Walter says while there are still some low-lying spots that need attention, the overal excessive health of the course means more green is being saved.

"We've probably saved $35,000 in our operational budget due to the fact that we haven't had to water and we haven't had to put near the input to control turf diseases either," said Walter.

Walter says one of the most unusual comments he's heard about the course is that the roughs are playing deep. Usually they are deep in the spring, but they have stayed deep through the summer thanks to just the right amount of moisture.

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