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Lack of smog alerts for Cincinnati

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 04:05 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Scott Dimmich) -- It's been 712 days since a smog alert was issued for Cincinnati; a record.

Through a combination of working for cleaner air and help from Mother Nature, air quality has been better than average the last two years.  2014 was the first time since people began calling smog alerts since the mid-nineties where Cincinnati has had back to back years with no smog alerts.

A typical smog alert day in Cincinnati could be hot with very little in the way of precipitation and a very light wind.

Bradley Miller of the Hamilton County environmental service said, "Over the last two years, we've seen a lot more wind and air movement during the summer, more cloud cover with the buildup clouds, and we've also seen lower temperatures these last two summers. What that has done has basically mix the pollutants so they don't build up quite as high."

The southwest Ohio air quality agency also worked with the community to make the air we breathe healthier.  Over the last few years there was a reduction in power plant emissions.

"We've developed an anti-idling campaign with schools and businesses to reduce the idling which helps reduce air pollution.  These measures have helped to lower ozone levels in the tri-state and allow us to avoid vehicle testing," said Miller.
More importantly, better air quality also means a better quality of life.

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