Dozens explore science, space at Cincinnati Observatory's Jupiter Night

People Reviewing Astronomy Photography at the Cincinnati Observatory

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - "I really like seeing people look through telescopes because a lot of people have never looked through a telescope before; when they put their eye up to it, you can tell when they see it because their whole face lights up. I really love that, " said Dean Regas, an astronomer at the Cincinnati Observatory.

This past Saturday, dozens of people came to the Cincinnati Observatory to learn about the fifth planet from the Sun.

Regas explained, "Jupiter is a really popular planet. It's the biggest planet in the solar system. Every year it comes very close to the Earth - well, 400 million miles away - but still, it looks great in a telescope right now. You can see some features on it, and you can see 4 moons."

The telescopes at the Cincinnati Observatory - including oldest one in North America - enable people to not just get a sense of science, but also see it with their own eyes.

"In a telescope, you really get to see these features, especially when you use our telescopes. These are some pretty old scopes but very large, so we can see great detail when you put your eye up to it," said Regas.

Events like Jupiter Night get the Tri-State seeing space, but perhaps even more importantly learning the power of science.

Regas said, "I think the Observatory really excites peoples' imagination, and it really draw their attention to science and astronomy, especially. Just having an outlet to bring kids, family, friends, it's a really cool gem for the city."

The Observatory was also thankful for an assist from The Weather Authority.

"Thank you, meteorologists. It's a beautiful night. It is a little chilly, but we'll take it. It's a great night to see Jupiter," said Regas.

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