Georgetown teacher shows students what it takes to cancel, delay school for weather

An Example Forecast From Mr. Carpenter's Snow And Storm Board

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - While the superintendent of Georgetown Exempted Village Schools has the final call on closings, Matthew Carpenter has been forecasting delays and cancellations for years.

"Usually an inch of snow will do us in. It also has to do with the timing of the snow. If we get an overnight snow or an early morning or rush hour snow, you can pretty much count on being cancelled," said Carpenter, the Information Technology Instructor at Georgetown Senior/Junior High School.

"The kids found out about my passion for weather, and we started talking about snow days because most students enjoy the snow day. That's the thing they look forward to the most, so I started working on the snow board and these predictions as to what I thought, by looking at the different things that meteorologists look at, and tried to come up with a prediction," said Carpenter.

After reviewing computer guidance and gathering weather information, Mr. Carpenter posts his forecast on his Storm Board, which he claims is almost always right.

Mr. Carpenter said, "In the 3 and 1/2 years that I have done it, I've missed one so far, and that was a two hour delay that I missed. All of the other ones I have called pretty accurately."

His students believe what he has to say.

Ethan Evans, a senior at Georgetown Senior/Junior High School, explained "I've learned that you can definitely reach outside of your actual comfort zone of what you actually know. Mr. Carpenter is our IT teacher, but he knows so much about meteorology."

Austin Baker, another senior at Georgetown Senior/Junior High School, said, "Trust Mr. Carpenter. Trust your teachers."

Seeing the prospect for a snow day is exciting, but Mr. Carpenter's students will likely be in forecast chair next year.

"I want to show kids the models. Another thing: because I do teach graphic design, I want to do a section with my students on designing weather graphics. Next year I have big plans to incorporate a lot of this into my classroom in different ways," said Carpenter.

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