Highland County weather station keeps pilots, The Weather Authority informed

Pressure Sensors and Data Recording Equipment of the Highland County Airport's Weather Station

HILLSBORO, Ohio (WKRC) - Do you ever wonder where Local 12 gets weather conditions for your community? The conditions from Hillsboro come from a weather station at the Highland County Airport, where it is used to inform pilots before and during their flights.

"It's an important part of safety particularly if someone comes in after hours, and nobody is here on the radio to tell them what the wind is doing," said Robert Jones, President of the Highland County Airport Authority.

This weather station of the west side of the runway at the Highland County Airport is not just of benefit to pilots who are trying to land and takeoff safely. It's also of benefit to the community.

For years, it was difficult to get real-time weather information out of Highland County, but thanks to an Internet connect and this weather station, we can now get minute-by-minute observations from the west side of the runway.

"This area was a dead zone. With some of the Authority members here, they worked with the water treatment plant to be able to work through their Wi-Fi," said Darrell Wilson, a member of the Highland County Airport Authority, "It was a huge accomplishment. It was something we had worked for over a couple of years."

With an Internet connection secured, there's an additional resource of information for pilots flying over Highland County, and a way for The Weather Authority to verify weather conditions in real-time, especially during storms.

"It's good to know we can provide that service to the community. Any information is usually good information," explained Jones.

Wilson said, "I've heard a lot of responses from community members that see Channel 12 and they like the fact that they know the weather in Hillsboro."

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