Local brewery releases world's most expensive alcohol
Local brewery releases world's most expensive alcohol (WKRC file)

NORTHSIDE, Ohio (WKRC) - A popular Northside brewery's new drink has broken a record -- and the brewing experts say it wasn't even intentional!

Urban Artifact's new fermented beverage, Astronaut Food Blackberry & Blueberry, is now the world's most expensive alcohol.

“When we first came up with the idea for Astronaut Food, it wasn't about the price. Our best ideas come from separating ourselves from constraints, and, in doing so, the question became how we could possibly fit more fruit in a can,” said Kollmann Baker, one of the co-owners.

Astronaut Food is a Fruit Tart made with over 1,000 lbs. of freeze-dried blackberries and blueberries. The brewery says it takes roughly 11 pounds of fresh fruit to produce one pound of freeze-dried fruit, leading to a whopping ingredients cost of $1,111 per barrel. The average beer costs around $75 per barrel, and wine is approximately $100. Most spirits are around $500 per barrel after distillation.

It also also packs more fruit per drop than any other beverage in the world, and comes in at an astounding 15% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) due to the high sugar content of the fruit.

“We love to explore, to pursue our creativity in innovative ways and reward the curious drinker," Kollmann Baker said. “We’ve brewed beers with yellow mombin, an exotic fruit that only grows in the Amazon Rainforest; with Durian, the world’s stinkiest fruit; and the previously illegal purple-hulled mangosteen.”

Despite the high price of ingredients, the brewery only charges $30 for four eight-ounce cans.

“One thing we’ve always believed is that great drinks don't need to be greatly expensive for you to enjoy," said Scott Hunter, CFO of Urban Artifact. "We could have easily charged $100 per four-pack or more, but at the end of the day, we want more people to enjoy our Fruit Tarts. Our Fruit Tarts are designed to reward the curious and to cost no more than they need to.”

The newest batch of Astronaut Food Blackberry & Blueberry will be available starting May 23. You can buy it at the Northside taproom, select retailers, or Urban Artifact's online store.

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