Finneytown School District breaks ground on new school opening in 2022
Finneytown School District breaks ground on new school opening in 2022

FINNEYTOWN, Ohio (WKRC) – The future is bright for students and educators in Finneytown as leaders break ground on the new $22 million dollar elementary school next to Brent Elementary. Sunday ceremonial dirt tossing photos took place and teachers, parents and students in the district found out what the school is going to be called -- Finneytown Elementary.

"It’s really exciting for our community, such an incredible opportunity that we’ve been given to build a new building and celebrate with our community, our staff and our students,” said Principal Meredith Baker.

Baker says the new school will include "learning communities" where there will be collaboration between classrooms and even between grade levels.

"Really an opportunity to change the way we are teaching. It’s not 1950 anymore, our kids aren’t sitting in desks and rows. So this new building really provides a chance for us to have students learn collaboratively and work in groups. And the way our buildings are built right now we just can’t do that,” said Baker.

Currently, kindergarten and first graders go to Brent Elementary.

Students in grades second to fifth go to Whitaker Elementary.

Next year all of them and sixth graders will go to Finneytown elementary.

Jeff Smoker is a Finneytown graduate and future parent. His son is just a couple of months old.

"It’s exciting, it’s been a long time coming obviously with the schools the way that they are,” said Smoker. "My parents, my grandparents seem like they went to the schools as well so they’ve been around for a long time so it’s exciting and fun to know that my kid and the kids around us are all going to get a new school."

Brent was built in 1964 and Whitaker 1920.

The new school is expected to open next spring.

The $22 million dollar project is largely possible thanks to voters passing a bond issue in 2019.

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