Police officer helps blind man travel to Ohio after he was robbed
Police officer helps blind man travel to Ohio after he was robbed (WILX/CNN Newsource)

JACKSON, Miss. (WILX/CNN Newsource/WKRC) - A blind man travelled from Little Rock, Arkansas to Jackson, Mississippi, but ended up getting scammed. One police officer went above and beyond to help.

Sergeant Tom Freeman, of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, responded to a call about a blind man.

The man had his wallet and phone stolen.

"He didn't have his phone or any of his belongings, they had all been taken from him," Freeman said.

The man travelled to Jackson under a false promise, and found himself with only the clothes on his back.

The man said he had family in Ohio that could help him. In response, Freeman bought the man a bus ticket, as well as food and water.

"He was elated," Freeman said. "He was like, 'You'd buy me a ticket?' and I was like, 'Yeah man, absolutely.'"

When Freeman and the man came to the bus stop, Freeman talked to the bus driver to make sure the man would get home safe. The driver was a retired police officer, and promised to help the man get home.

Freeman had kept quiet about his kind act, and his fellow officers found out by accident.

"There was a bus ticket to Greyhound on his computer screen," said Sergeant Bryan Huttenlocker. "When he got back, I just asked him about it."

Freeman used his own money to help the man.

Co-workers say this occasion isn't the first time Freeman has helped a person in need, by buying food or even a hotel room.

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