'Targeted attack': Police officer's German Shepherd puppy beheaded
'Targeted attack': Police officer's German Shepherd puppy beheaded (WKRC file)

PARSONS, Kan. (WKRC) - A Kansas police officer made a horrific discovery after their young puppy was murdered in what officials are calling a "targeted attack."

The Parsons Police Department said in a press release that they received a call from an employee saying their three-month-old German Shepherd "Ranger" had been killed.

Ranger was apparently let out into a fenced backyard on Dec. 3 around 7 a.m. When the officer returned, they found the dog lying in the yard "with its head severed."

An investigation revealed that Ranger's head was "sliced off with a sharpened blade at another location" before the attacker returned the body to the officer's yard.

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said in a statement that the department is working with surrounding neighbors to try and identify the killer through home surveillance systems.

"The level of cowardice that would lead someone to kill a little puppy named Ranger is astonishing," he said. "I pray that we get a chance for the judicial system to prosecute this coward and bring them to justice."

Authorities say they do believe the dog was targeted because his owner is a cop.

"This is disgusting enough that it was done to an animal in our community, but when you add in that this appears to be a targeted attack on the home and personal property of a police officer, this makes it nothing more than a hate crime," said Spinks.  

"Our officers are attacked, hit, kicked, bit, scratched, called every name in the book and even spit on, as a part of our job, but this kind of senseless attack on a puppy at the home of an officer can't be tolerated. We just can't allow this to happen as a community," said  Parsons Police Deputy Chief Dennis Dodd.

The Parsons Police Department is offering a $1,000 reward for information that could lead to an arrest. 

"We are calling on our citizens again to help solve a case. We have hundreds of people in the community that are avid dog lovers," Spinks said. "Please put your ears to the ground, let us know if you hear anything. I want this criminal brought to justice for our dog-loving community and the family of poor Ranger."

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