Bouquet Is Where You’re Gonna Take Your Lunch Game To The Next Level

    Salmon: beet-cured Coho salmon, sun gold tomatoes, sesame creme fraiche, dill oil, and lemon soaked in elder flower simple syrup / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 11.10.16

    I don't have a favorite meal of the day. Well, that's not entirely true. Whatever meal I'm eating at the moment is my favorite.

    Because eating food is awesome. It tastes good. It makes us happy. It's food... I mean, duh. We all love it.

    Although, stick with me here. ... What's one of the worst feelings in the world?
    Answer: Ordering the wrong thing at a restaurant.

    Nothing sucks more than thinking what you ordered sounds good and having it appear as an underwhelming, room temperature blob.

    But here's some good news: that's never happened to me at Bouquet, Stephen Williams' eatery in Covington.

    Even better news? They are open for lunch. That's right!

    They first ventured into the lunch scene as Son & Soil in July 2015. Long-story short, they've ditched the Son & Soil name and location and are now operating solely as Bouquet (and out of Bouquet's Main Street digs). But the fresh food and juices you came to love at S&S — if you did come to love them — are still around. And the sandwiches are on point.

    The winner: I gotta go with the veggie wrap.
    The ingredients: mushrooms, avocado mousse, bulgur wheat, pickled red onion, farm greens, and hummus.

    Yeah, stop. Just stop. 'Cause that sandwich kills it.

    Alright, enough with all this food talk. I'm hungry. You're now hungry. Let's eat!

    In the digital world, that means go back to the top and scroll through the gallery of pics.

    - - -

    Bouquet Restaurant is located at 519 Main Street, Covington, KY 41011.

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