20% Project earns Gray Middle School the title of School of the Week

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20% Project earns Gray Middle School the title of School of the Week (WKRC)

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (WKRC) - This week's School of the Week is in Boone County. Gray Middle School teachers are bringing the classroom to life.

The teachers there challenge students with the 20 Percent Project. This is the second year for project.

Sixth grade students get together and choose an interest they have. Christina Croft says they find a related need in the community and a way to address that need. "It's interesting to see what they see as a need versus what we see as a need as adults."

Every Friday, sixth graders spent a portion of their time developing whatever they wanted to do with that activity.

Once everything was in place, the pre-teens took their projects into the community. They planned things like a wheelchair basketball tournament, Rubik's Cube club, and a dog fashion show.

Ruby Brooks chose a military movement. She partnered with the Yellow Ribbon Support Center to send care packages and homemade blankets to military members overseas.

On June 4th, she hopes to have 50 packages ready to ship. "I just know sometimes military members feel like they're not appreciated and they're not loved because their family isn't there."

"They're amazed at even what they can accomplish, so it's great for their future," said Kristi Ives, project based learning teacher. "They had to do presentations with it, they did a lot of writing and they did a lot of learning. It's real life experience versus just looking at a book and just working things out."

The 20 Percent Project is just a part of the amazing things they do at Gray Middle School.

Duke Energy's Chuck Session presented the check for $1,000 to Gray Middle School principal Todd Novak.