Duke Energy's SOTW recognized for recycling efforts

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St. Ursula was recognized for the school's recycling efforts. (WKRC)

EAST WALNUT HILLS, Ohio (WKRC) - Duke's Energy School of the Week is St. Ursula Academy.

St. Ursula was recognized for the school's recycling efforts.

The students decided to go green during the 2016-17 school year and the Green Team was formed to reduce the amount of trash thrown away in the lunchroom.

Thanks to a grant from the Ursuline Sisters of Cincinnati they were able to buy a system of bins to recycle and compost items. They've also implemented an area where students can put reusable plates or cups.

For a school with 650 students, they've been able to cut down six garbage cans of trash per day to just two.

They also have a partnership with TerraCycle which upcycles granola bar wrappers, chip bags, and clean plastic baggies. In turn, TerraCycle offers rewards to the school such as eco-friendly school supplies, compostable pots and earth-friendly cleaning solutions.

Other schools in the area have paid them a visit to look at their model of recycling to see how they can implement it into their school.