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Milford High School is the Duke Energy School of the Week

Milford High School was recognized as the Duke Energy School of the Week for its one of a kind teacher. (WKRC)

MILFORD, Ohio (WKRC) - Every week Local 12 and Duke Energy honors a school doing big things with its students.

Milford High School was recognized for its one-of-a-kind teacher.

Buffy is a furry, four-legged educator, a service dog who helps kids with special needs and challenges related to autism.

She was brought there by intervention specialist Trena Panko after training with 4 Paws for Ability.

Buffy is the first dog placed in a public high school by the organization.

She's been at Milford since late February and so far, it is working.

Panko says her presence alone is a game changer. The student's know she's always there and she's always happy to see them.

"I have one student who comes in a lot of times in the morning in a very bad mood," said Panko. "He's not a morning person, not everyone is, and we start early, like 7:15. So, she'll wag her tail and go right over to him and that changes his mood, you know, right away. The kids love her and they know that she's their dog."

Buffy helps students with sensory challenges, change in routine, developing friendships, communication challenges and much more.

Panko said other students know if Buffy is out in the hallway they must address the student Buffy is with to ask if they may pet the dog and the student is required to answer directly, helping them to learn to communicate with others.

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