This Local Marketing Research Firm Can Change The Game For Your Business Or Startup

Various Views Resarch is using the incredible technology of this touchscreen wall to help its clients prepare their products for market. / Image: Daniel Smyth Photography

Steve Whayne, director of marketing and research at Various Views Research, has an interesting take on what the growing business offers.

Yes, Mr. Whayne can talk about qualitative research methods and the anatomy of a good focus group ad nauseum. He even has his own golf algorithm that rates all the courses in the area. But Various Views, he says, is really about insurance.

"Market research is like buying an insurance policy for your business. Sure, you could just trust your gut and implement an idea, but that's risky. What if you're wrong?"

That, says Whayne, is where market research comes in. "Instead of relying on one person, you sample the product with a group that's representative of the population. Then you can work out any kinks before launch."

Sounds like a good idea. Imagine, for example, you're a big company that makes razors, and you think a ten-blade model is a fantastic idea. Qualitative market research can tell you why that might be a bridge too far.

"Anytime anybody has a question about their business, that question can be researched," says marketing manager Elizabeth Parish.


Don't be intimidated when you hear the words "market research". Basically, it can be a combination of focus groups, in-store and in-home interviews, phone and email surveys, and product tests to help you refine your vision.

Various Views has a large internal proprietary database of people in Greater Cincinnati from which to source a representative focus group. They also have a global reach in the millions through their vetted partner network. The company excels at local market research, but it has the capacity to perform market research in multiple cities or abroad. It hosts local focus groups in its award-winning Blue Ash office, which boasts a variety of advanced technologies, including live streaming, web-based tools such as webcam interviews, in-home immersions, and insight communities.

Various Views' most impressive feature is a futuristic touchscreen wall. Yes, a touchscreen wall (6x12 feet). It can simulate store shelves, allow focus group participants to read labels, and track their eyes as they shop.


Various Views is equipped to help all kinds of businesses, be they breweries, restaurants, hospitals, law firms, or even golf courses. And even though Various Views has large clients such as P&G, Kroger, and Pfizer, it helps companies of all sizes, including startups.

Market research is invaluable for startups because the fledgling companies often pour a high percentage of their capital into new products, and they have to work. Your ten-blade razor might flop, but you'll still have a company afterwards. For startups, however, the success of one product can determine their very existence.

That's why Various Views consults with startups backed by Cintrifuse, Cincinnati's most prominent seed-stage investor. The consultation involves sharing expertise and market research advice so these startups can get up off the ground -- and stay there.

Various Views even partnered with Frameri, a Brandery and Cintrifuse startup. Frameri was a featured star in Various Views' recent TV commercial now airing on Local 12.

All things considered, whether you're an established company or a startup, the question isn't whether you can afford to do market research, the question is whether you can afford not to.

And in the realm of market research, Various Views is as good as they come.

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