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Ask the Expert: How do you prevent injuries in female athletes?

How do you prevent injuries in female athletes? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Sports medicine experts are inviting you to a special program for female athletes.

Health performance and motivation for the female athlete, that's what this program is all about.

It is Tuesday, April 3, at Notre Dame Academy and anyone can come. It is designed, however, to find out more about female athletes, the training needed and injury prevention.

“Depending on the environment they are in, they can have a risk four to six times that of their male counterpart,” said Dr. Michael Miller, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sports Medicine.

Dr. Michael Miller joined a Facebook LIVE at Griffin Elite, referencing ACL injuries in female athletes.

His St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine team shared sport-specific training drills to reduce ACL injuries in athletes such as volleyball players.

The team says anyone who plays any sport could benefit from attending this female athlete workshop, if even just to learn proper form.

“When that knee is going over the kneecap that causes a lot of pain over time,” said Theresa Behan of St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sports Medicine.

There is a link for you to register online that you can find here, there is also a phone number to the St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine Center at 859-301-5600.

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