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Ask the Expert: What does the colon look like inside?

Ask the Expert: What does the colon look like inside? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - March is National Colo-Rectal Cancer Month and the team at Saint Elizabeth Healthcare invites people to take a tour through something that can show them certain risks that raise the odds they will be diagnosed with cancer of the colon.

It's called the colossal colon, or COCO for short. It is a 40 foot long, four foot tall, over sized model of the human colon. Local 12 News got chance to walk through it Wednesday, March 22. Cancer care specialists said it was a great way to get people talking about a few things they need to talk about, but don't very often.

It was set up in the lobby on the Edgewood campus Wednesday where the Cancer Care Center was at Saint Elizabeth. If people walk through it they will see signs that share information about common conditions in the colon. They also help people learn about be examples of changes that might be early warning signs for colon cancer.

If someone suffers from any of the signs, the team at Saint Elizabeth said they should talk to a health care provider about their risk, their family history of the disease, and how they could be screened for it.

Felicity Schroder, St. Elizabeth nurse at Cancer Care Center, said, "We are just trying to show people what can happen in your colon. You know polyps, what normal colon tissue looks like, you know, nine out of ten colon cancers can be prevented if you get your check ups."

Normally colon cancer screenings are recommended at age 50. Lately however, a recent study found people were trending toward seeing it in younger men and women, sometimes as young as 20 and 30 years old. The colossal colon will be at Saint Elizabeth in Florence Thursday, March 23, if people have any interest in checking out what's inside it.

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