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Ask the Expert: What are the benefits of walking?

Ask the St. Elizabeth Expert: What are the benefits of walking? (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If people want to shape up for spring, it could be the day to get started.

Hundreds took a few steps toward good health Wednesday, April 5. The American Heart Association and Saint Elizabeth Healthcare teamed up to launch a new walking trail in Edgewood. They already have them in several other places in northern Kentucky. People are not only invited to use them, they could also make a big difference in health.

President and CEO of St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Garren Colvin, said, "Since January 9, I've lost 45 pounds literally just by walking three miles a day and watching what I eat and counting calories."

Hard to argue with walking when even top team members say it works for weight loss and improving health. The American Heart Association says about one in three people don't do any physical activity in their free time at all. So Wednesday was a lunch time kick off for a Medpace Trail.

Cheryll Edwards of St. Elizabeth Healthcare saic, "It's good exercise, it's cheap, it doesn't hurt and when it's a beautiful day, it's a good past time."

So few people walk as a past-time now that worldwide inactivity is responsible for more deaths than smoking according to Saint Elizabeth employee health experts. That's partly because movement is like medicine for common health conditions that shorten lives.

Jessica Hartig of St. Elizabeth Healthcare said, "There's so many benefits of walking; lower cholesterol , lower blood pressure, reduce your fat, keeps you healthy. Walking is a huge benefit to everyone."

That benefit can come from starting with just a few steps a day and working up to what's recommended for everyone: 22 minutes a day. When it comes to better health, who better than healthcare providers to let people know there's no better way than walking the walk and taking a leading role!

The American Heart Association also now supports research which shows that every hour of regular exercise can add about two hours to a person's life expectancy, even if they start it later in life.

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